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Sign Up for Understanding UNDERSTANDING THE EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL MARKETING ... and the power of a third party
endorsement and how they relate to making money.

Referrals - the way we have always done marketing. The convergence of technology with the internet has made marketing broader, faster and VERY SCARY! The wisdom here is that when you have a million choices, you have no choice at all.  Practical Steps to Understanding… how prospects will have the choice between you, you and you.

Sign Up for 9 Deadly Mistakes 9 DEADLY MISTAKES ... most business owners make and how to avoid them.

If you are looking for practical, thought provoking, and simple strategies, you don’t want to miss this seminar. This information is essential if you’re trying to avoid chaos and want to put the “FUN” back in your business and your life outside the office.

Sign Up for How to Make More in 90 Days HOW TO MAKE MORE IN 90 DAYS ... than you made all of last year!

I know, I know…this is a teaser for sure, but none the less.  It’s all about you!   It’s a spring board to “FREEDOM.”  YOU have been given a path to run on … and sometimes the choices you make in life create a road block of complexity that keeps you stuck.  Let me show you how to simplify and tear down those roadblocks!

Sign Up for The Four Elements of Focus THE FOUR ELEMENTS OF FOCUS

Here’s an opportunity for you to reconnect with “why” you started your business in the first place. Regain your passion!  Re-energizeCreate the kind of world that works for you.

Sign Up for Crappie, Cheap and Complaining Clients CRAPPIE, CHEAP, AND COMPLAINING CLIENTS? … raise your prices!

With a proven strategy, marketing process and plan, you can have the best clients on the planet! You can raise your prices, resulting in more money for you to get more of what you wantTHE BEST CLIENTS EVER! If a lack of practical, easy to use tools is what’s keeping you from your bigger future we can show you the possibilities.  Available Bonus session: The Keys to Un-locking the High-end Home.

Sign Up for S.M.A.R.T. Business or Half Life S.M.A.R.T. BUSINESS or HALF LIFE ... you Get To Choose!

This is our company’s platform for growing the kind of business that can help you get more of what you  want!  At the same time, you will move along the path to freedom and remove those road blocks of complexity (fear, frustration and frantic foolishness).  Confidence in yourself and in your capabilities is just the beginning. 

Sign Up for Time to Fly TIME TO FLY … and remembering your happy thoughts.

How long has it been since you flew?  This thought provoking point of view will help you find your happy thoughts! We will show you how to create Joy in your business. Gratitude is powerful!  Joy is energy! Peace of mind is priceless!

Sign Up for The Four Keys to Unlocking Your Future THE FOUR KEYS TO UNLOCKING YOUR FUTURE ... experience, Transparency, and Trust.

We will take you on a journey in developing your client’s best possible experience and teach you how to give something of value to every client. Selling without rejection or competitors, guaranteed!

Sign Up for Scrambled Brains on Crack SCRAMBLED BRAINS ON CRACK ... Phil unplugged and ready to talk!

You don’t want to miss this event … and just in case you’ve already witnessed Phil’s dynamic personality, this is an event worth repeating. Phil’s never the same twice and always twice as good!  This fun can only be created with an audience with an open mind and willing to Live, Laugh and Love … Peace!

Sign Up for We Love Marketing! Yes We Do! WE LOVE MARKETING! YES WE DO! WE LOVE MARKETING!  …. how about you?

A simple look at simple strategies, with which you simply can’t go wrong. It’s the 1-2-3 you’ve always wanted but have never been able to find.  Marketing is the fuel that runs the sales engine.  Marketing is what you do before, during and after you sell.

If you have a client, you are in the marketing business whether you know it or not.  You can learn to understand it, and become rich in whatever your currency is.


Coming Soon!…the upside of the down in a world gone mA.D.D.!


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Whether you contract directly with us or send our services as a gift to one of your affiliates, we will create raving fans for your business clients !

We welcome the opportunity to help you get more of what you want by creating special presentations centered around your interest and needs.  If you are a B2B organization we can help create good will and added value to your clients by tailoring our continuing education and coaching platforms for your niche .

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