Marketing Coach

Keep doing what you have always done and keep getting what you have always gottenor less.  You can continue to experience the issues and problems that are affecting your business and personal well-being…


Discover how many other business owners in our community have TRANSFORMED their business and personal life FOR THE BETTER!

Prodromos Marketing focuses on community building.  Our community shares content, templates, ideas, successes, failures and TESTS all the time.  Track it or don’t do it.  We have a solution for every budget.  We like to say it costs less to be rich than it does to be famous. 

 If you want predictable, profitable business growth, the Prodromos Marketing community can provide you with the templates, proven strategies, services, products, and programs that are GUARANTEED to help your business achieve new levels of growth.

Today’s competitive world requires ever evolving strategies for SUCCESSFUL MARKETING and your plans for business growth need to transform right along it. We will help you create and implement:

  • measurable marketing campaigns
  • a focused strategy
  • meaningful business processes to develop a culture of execution and FREEDOM.


How Coaching Works


"Working with Phil Bennett has been an eye-opening experience. Not only is he personable and fun to talk to -- his marketing expertise and fresh outlook have opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities for my own business. Phil understands what it takes to create a thriving community. He is sincere when he says he wants to help everyone succeed. His perspective is unique, but more than that -- his ideas work!"
...................................................... Kari